Even the school building tremble and quiver
Chilly and dark, it's full of despair
Because of the absence of the "Anointed sound,"
The sweet divine sound of prayer.
In agony, it cry-out, surrounded by fear.
Greatly needed is the everlasting protection of prayer,
That can no longer be found there!
The long hallways seem cold and bleak
That dreary stretch as the shadow of hopelessness
Fills the air...
The once strong foundation of the school crumbling invisibly
Secretly stripping children of their integrity
Because of the recognition of Love that is no longer there
Crippling the foundation of the value of learning to its
Because of no prayer there is no protection, guidance, neither
Is there any thanks planted.
They must open their eyes and cease to be blind,
While they yet live!
And begin to consider the life, hope, and peace
That only prayer can give...
Then shall they begin to see a great awakening in their
Children's life and in the school,
That only prayer can give!
Then shall they see hope sprout out and in peace they shall live
Then shall they see an end to useless dying, a portion
Of the results of removing prayer from the school....