A radiant light in the window
Penetrating the fragile darkness.
Destroying the remains of a broken, daunted life.
Shining beyond the realm of pain and anguish this child's mind is subdued to.
Shining across countries and continents,
Shining to giant snow-capped apexes, to low trench like valleys.
The valley holds the secret to the old villages mystery,
To the inside of a madman
A brain screaming and howling only to want relief,
To have this heavy burden, placed upon this flaccid souls,
To be heaved off into infinity where no one will feel the pain.
To have, to want, to need.
This sting for their acceptance into the wild flourished garden
Where only the rational remain.
Away from the idiocy and delirium once felt
And lived by this helpless child.
The gift has been given by the elders to the child:
A life of normal lucidity contrasted to the insanity once felt.