Dear Lord Love give him the words to say
When he goes to you and prays.
Help him to walk in your way
Each and every day.
Give him strength through each trial he meets.
He prays for the lost.
For the poor who have no food to eat.
Help him to stand for you no matter what it cost.
He prays for people who have lost a dear one.
Help him to trust you till the day is done.
Help him Lord to give and share.
Help him to be fair.
Give him Lord a mind to think for you
And for others too.
He prays for people who are sick.
Help him to be honest and not to trick.
He prays for the invalids who can not walk
The deaf who can not talk.
He prays for the old.
For the homeless who in the winter are cold.
Help the Pastor to bring them the word
That it would be heard.
In Love's Name