She wants to be an Award winning poet!
Somehow right now her work doesn't show it.
She works hard with what time she has to
Spend on words to make them show it.
She's not one who knows big and fancy words,
But to her the little words will let you
Know it. She's had Honorable mentions and
Editors Choice, but it's not what she
Really wants. She wants just one Great Poem
That really can come into the inner
Thoughts of her poem and gets something
Out of it for themselves. Just one real
Great Poem good enough that she can be
Proud of. That her family can say My Mom
Wrote that and we're really proud of Her,
Or that someone can read it and say "Boy,
I can relate to that or that Poem is just
What I feel in my life and I'm not alone."
She wants someone to know, that she has been here
When she's gone from this world.