A new bundle of joy!
Now they have a girl and boy.
Their family has grown from three to four;
And you're not the baby any more.

Now you're the big sister you see,
You have to be patient for the baby needs her.
"I want you now, I just want to play,"
You say with a frown and walk away.

She has your little brother right now,
They can play when she puts him down.
He is so little as you used to be,
It's hard to believe that now you're three.

Then you come back with a grin,
"Mommy can I give the bottle to him?"
A hug, a kiss, from her to you;
"I love you Mommy and the baby too."

Tears of happiness, tears of joy.
Come when she looks at her little girl and boy.
The joy of children is like no other,
Especially between a sister and her new baby brother.