Her arms ache to hold her close to her,
To kiss and calm her when she scrapes her knee;
To teach her to tie her shoes,
And learn her the don'ts and do's.

She wants to watch her at play,
And hear her say 'mom' some day.
She longs to see her with her friends,
And help the puppy loves to mend.

She wishes to praise her for every 'A'
And cry for joy on graduation day;
To see her walk down that aside,
And help to raise her first child.

But all of this she gives away,
In hopes she'll have a dad who'll stay.
She gave up the right to watch her grow.
Was she right? She'll never know.

She can't get her back, she's gone for good;
She prays they give her all she could.
If one wishes she could convey,
She hopes she never hurts this way.