Eyes that keep searching for her presence as he walks the aisle
Ways of the shopping mall where they first met. Nonchalantly
But meticulously, he views so many with the same hair style, but
They turn and once again, the face is not.

Almost a year since he gave her a small gift to symbolize their
Acquaintance. She responded with a quaint smile and their eyes
Locked for a fleeting second, but one eternally unforgettable.

Is he a fool to have such a heart for one so young and beautiful?
Perhaps he should savor the past encounters and let them sustain
Him. But Oh! The unknowing...? Logic vs. emotion leaves one
Somewhat empty.

The Christmas songs are adoring, but shopper seen unnoticing
As they scurry preoccupied with their sole mission.

His Holiday Wish: To meet her once again, but not contried.
At the outside mall entrance. Large snowflakes are melting into
Her blond curls as the room cast a halo around them, and he
Recaptured his youth once again in those incredible eyes.