How does someone write something new, when it appears all there is has already been written.
Like each highway that has been driven, or each view having already been seen. One is reminded
That each highway and each view is seen differently by those who share its pathway. So often the
Roadway is rough and narrow and filled with many turns and crossroads, where do they turn, what
Lies beyond each hill? For them there is a special beauty filled with special moments of traveling
Together. Many times the roadways have few directions and as the miles pass quickly by, no word
Is spoken no touch is given, only silence. With each turn a new direction is discovered, fields,
Barns and trees fill the countryside. Up and down the long hills, cross bridges, mountain tops and
Valleys they travel. The memories of times shared with one another will always travel the pathways
Of their mind. Oh so much can be said of the silly thoughts and how each holds a serious moment.
Each mile they travel takes them some place they've never been. Even then they desire to travel farther,
But which crossroads do they take and where does the roadway lead. Down the rolling two land
Blacktop they have driven many miles from East to West. Stopping in a wayside park or parking lot
By a broken down barn, these highways were made for traveling together never alone. From the
Parking lots to the interstate, from ocean fronts to mountain tops each one carries its own
Memories. Many times they feel they have made the wrong turn, yet no matter who is driving they
Always travel hand in hand. They sometimes look back to view the roadways already traveled and
Hold the excitement of the roadway yet to be seen. Just as the miles passed quickly, the trees
Shared will last forever. For the roadways not yet traveled and the horizons yet to be seen they will
Never travel alone for they share the same dream.