It is who you are, can you feel it?
It comes in every size, shape and color, can you see it?
They all have one, each unique and special.
They learn from it, and all that it can offer.
It is what they make of it, their own special way.
Most of them love it, even though it's not so easy.
Sometimes it can be frustrating, or better than they ever dreamed.
Some are action packed and full of smiles.
Others are full of pain, guilt, and many sorrows.
Most are full of their hopes and dreams of tomorrow,
As they dream of the many things to come.
Others dwell upon the failures of the past,
While others see nothing but a future yet to be written.
Each day becomes a new challenge in itself,
As they bravely face the obstacles it throws their way.
Sometimes they often wish it were so very different.
It's up to you to make it different, so go for it.
Go the extra mile, live out your wildest dreams.
Never say, "I wish!" just make it happen.
You only get one chance at it, make it worth being.