She has dreams of a child who is in pain, but she
Is left all alone in a world where love is a crime.

Her pain is unlike any other. She does not cry
Over a broken toy or spilled milk. Her tears are
Shed for the pain in her heart to stop.

When she cries, "Daddy. Daddy, come tuck me in,"
No one is there to answer her.

Love means nothing to this five-year-old. Or the late
Night phone call starting, "I'm sorry to tell you this
Ma'm, but your husband is dead and your child is left fatherless."

She can not explain the pain she feels when you ask her
Why, "Daddy hasn't come home." That's because her
Daddy will never again hold his "little Beth."

BANG! She has awoken from this dream now.
She suddenly realizes that this child will haunt her dreams forever.

This dream is but a reality for her now.
The tears of pain and sorrow have created a flood somehow.

She still does not know what love should be.
For her father's love was never shared with her.