If for three days, sight was allowed into his virgin eyes, he could reject this devil-
Ish offer of consented torture. "Tape my eyes shut, rip them from the sockets where
They lay; I beg you. I Do Not want to see what is better left unseen!" Nothing would
Infuriate him more than being teased by images of his world, his life, and his family
Falling into blackness. His emptiness has been filled with his beliefs and convictions
To watch all his dreams, thoughts, and realities being shattered, would be too much
For his frail human mind to handle. He'd demand to see, Nothing. His Nothing, equal
Only to the blackness of death. Taped shut, his eyes wouldn't even be exposed to the
Sunlight that will paint his eyelids red from the unceasing bombardment of light pene-
Trating his blanket of fear protecting him from all he would be too cowardice to suffer
Nothing, to lay his eyes upon his three beautiful little sisters, never again to study
Their dark hair, shade and contrast of all colors within the spectrum of life; then to
Have it all repossessed after seventy-two hours of incessant vigilance would cause blood
To drip from his lifeless wrists. Nothing; opening his eyes to death where sight, touch
And hearing are a curse to them, damned here for all eternity in this
Stinking, rotting pit of all horrible things they all dare not imagine, with eyes closed.