Under his heart and beneath his breath,
A love released.
An untamed love to hold and rain,
Burdens weighed upon his chest.
Palms of sweat and raining brow,
No reason for this love,
It's a cowboy's way--the time is now.
Thrust upon her back.
Hands wrapped within her mane,
Body and soul as one,
Riding with her strides, they share the pain.
Gasping for the breath of life,
As he for love.
She breaks the ground beneath their feet,
His hands reaching the above.
His hair weaves with the wind,
Pushing his body away,
But he rides toward the force,
This is the time, cease the day.
It builds up in his heart,
With every beat upon the ground.
He lets go....

Releasing the reins,
Hands in the sky.
Riding with her he will not fall,
This is his silent cry.
Cowboy don't lose your heart,
For he hears your cry.
Through your graveled hands and voice,
You think he does not know.
Love help your heart to know,
That you chose the choice,
Long time ago.