Pulling on his glove, he wraps the rope around
Stepping into the crate, his heart begins to pound,
His cowboy hat pulled down over his ears
He tries to forget his immediate fears,
As the gate swings open, he hangs on tight
The dust in his eyes blurs his sight,
His heart beats faster with every spin
His life flashes before him again and again;

All through his life, he's had nothing to lose
But now he wonders which love he will choose,
For his love for rodeo has led him to this
And his love for her will always exist,
Although in his heart with her he will stay
Still in his soul a cowboy rides away;

Back on the bulls, her by his side
His love for both is expressed with pride,
It's not about the money it's just a way of life
And until his dying day, to reach this dream, he will strive,
The pain he may acquire is just a small part
Of the pain that is born in a cowboy's heart.