"Small miracles though they might be; a child
Will wake in the night. A tremble in softness is
Whispered, and sorrow may be their plight. So weak and
She in contemplation; a shadow of ourselves that
Must not be overheard.

"Rituals of play begin with ease to sparkle dreams
Of recognizable lifeless crowds. A gentle cry for
Tenderness is sheltered as they grasp lifetimes into
Desperate semblance of the past. The mother's womb not
Afar echoes sweet memories of time in dark shadows of

"Endless acute feelings are expressed with freckled
New meaning and quotes. Bitterness in articulation, a
Child's words may so be expressed. Meaningless as it
Appears; we must acknowledge each new special message
With care.

"A tiny hand explores a new world, and shivers in
Delight as each exploration meets in drought. New
Beginnings, unblemished opinions, temptations, delivers
Unequivering feelings of a new soul. Deliberated and
Unbiased, each new day brings forth special feelings

"Validated from heaven, and seeds of ourselves
Carried throughout landmarked universal time. Hope and
Prayer shines through milky skies from heaven above
With prosperity and warmth. Through careless thoughts
And cherished memories, a child's only wish is to be