Unto these lands their fathers came
To worship in His precious Name
In their hearts desire to be free
From unjust, hateful tyranny
Their blood ran free across these lands
As "red coats" ushered "wars" demands
But still they bravely carried on
Until their freedom--thus--was won
They kept their hopes and faith in Love
Where e'er they marched, where e'er they trod
Theirs was a bitter fight to win
But they would never more give in
Because Love blest their unity
And endless struggle to be free--
For this is why their fathers came
To worship in His sacred Name!
Let each of them never forget
They owe to Love and them, this debt
If they're to keep this legacy
"Home of the brave, land of the free"
They too must struggle, fight and pray
And let "His torch" prepare the way!