He tells the tale of the world down under
Where the ball of fires remind you of thunder

They below are well off being dead
They live the death of life as they made their bed

He was the hero in the eyes of many
He fought drugs & liquor, and died
For less than a penny.

She was the beauty queen of years gone by
Killed by the blessing of an automobile passing by
Her beauty left at the slice of a knife
Down here below they all sacrificed, paid the price

The little girl never did wrong
The life she lived was not her own
Being what you are not is a hard pill to swallow
Up from the dark death do follow

This boy was a man before he was ten
He had robbed, stolen, and killed to prove he was in
He traveled the world, till the old age of eighteen
Then he was murdered--crushed flat under a machine

So cry your tears & play your part &
Don't get caught off guard.
They want no company as you can see
Down here there is enough misery, but he suspects
And you know--there is room for others down
Here below.