With only 8 minutes left to live,
What would you take and what would you give?
Would you take the pity, compassion, and good-byes.
Or would you give your last 8 minutes before your death,
To give to someone, in need, your last breath?
Would you take from the rich to give to the poor,
Or would you slip secretly out of life's door?
Would it be a wink of an eye and a wave of your hand,
Good-bye to someone who would understand?
What would your thoughts be of the life you had,
Would they be good or would they be bad?
Would you relive your life if you had the chance,
Would you take the last dance?
If you had it to do all over, what would you be
And would you still have cared for her?
But if you don't have 8 minutes, you have many more years
So get up and wipe away all of your tears
Because this is your last chance you will ever get,
To redo the things that you might regret!