She knows a woman who has eighty-one lives. She has frizzled, fiery hair.
Losing her lives keeps her active so she is thin too. What does one do with so
Many chances to mess up? Well, she experiments. Crossing the street is much
Quicker for her since there's no waiting involved. She's even performed stunts on
Film that not even Mr. Knieval could top, because she has eighty-one lives. Life
#42 Was spent jumping from a building. Afterwards at the cocktail party, she
Described the way it feels when molecules rush through one's hair so quickly. She
Has many friends, everyone knows, and she is a most interesting conversationalist,
Because she has eighty-one lives. She has to keep a record of course. She tells her
It is like having a bank account, without the deposits. Every week she balances her
"Lives-left" book and does her laundry too. Taking all those falls and
Immolating yourself for stunts can really muss one's wardrobe she tells her. She
Specifically recalls lives 28, 33, and 40, although she won't tell her the details. She
Told her she looked half-dead, and she is. She is her good friend and will most
Likely outlive her because she has eighty-one lives.