On a certain occasion, they are told, a rich merchant of Savatthi named Anatha Pindika entertained the Buddha. But because Anatha Pindika remembered that the Buddha was of royal descent, and had been reared amid wealth and luxury, it occurred to him that his guest might grow weary were he to ask him to preach the Doctrine. Therefore he refrained from asking him any questions. But so soon as Anatha Pindika took his seat, says the legend, the Buddha read his thoughts, and reflected: "This merchant protects me where I have no need to be protected. For I spent four periods of time of incalculable length, and a hundred thousand cycles of time in addition, perfecting the Perfections. My own gloriously adorned head have I cut off! Mine eyes have I torn out! My heart's flesh have I uprooted! Both son and wife, dear to me as life, have I renounced!--And all this I did that I might preach the Doctrine to others. This merchant protects me where I have no need to be protected." And straightway he preached the Doctrine.